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HELLO!  WELCOME!   I am so glad you are here!

Becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker is a second career for me.   Life does not have a “cookie cutter” plan for most people.  I am no exception to that.   In my early twenties, I obtained my bachelors in Business Administration.  Although I enjoyed business, my motivation was always helping and supporting people.  It took me a while to figure out what truly was in my heart.   That being said, I returned to school later in life to get my masters in what my passion is about.. people!

During my schooling I had two internships.  The first was in the Bloomfield Public School system as a school social worker at Carmen Arace Intermediate School.  I am so grateful for having this experience as it gave me a sense of what is happening is today’s school systems and how many pressures are on our children!

My second internship was at Middlesex Health Cancer Center.  This placement was more inline with my path. I have a lot of work experience in the medical field and it was more of natural fit.  During my time here, I learned how to help people with not only about the emotional turbulence cancer causes, but also the financial difficulty it creates as well.  Helping people through this difficult time was very impactful for me.

After graduating, I worked for a short period of time in Emergency Mobile Psychiatric Services (EMPS) for children.  Although I did not spend a long period of time at this job, boy did I learn!  Sadly, suicidality is very prevalent in today’s society.  I learned quickly how to work with people in this state. I am grateful for my time in this role, but it was not where I wanted to stay.

I returned to the medical field this time working in Nephrology (aka Dialysis).  It was here where I truly saw how chronic illness effects the lives of so many people.  Treating illnesses does not just take time, it takes your energy. In addition, it often creates a loss of “what was supposed to be”.. like the fun retirement or the time spent with grandchildren.  Lastly, if can create anxiety.  Many people feel they are waiting for the next shoe to drop!  Chronic illness creates many complex emotional responses that need extra support.

For the last couple of years, I applied all my knowledge and experience and went into private practice. I have truly loved this work!  Being able to help someone grow or over coming their emotional issues has been so rewarding!  Plus I enjoy being creative with my clients.  I work hard to find coping skills that match their individual personalities. 

When I am not at work, I can be found at home with my husband, children, and doggies!   I also enjoy gardening, cooking, and learning new things!